Corona Continues

This Friday will mark 30 days since our first declaration for COVID19. As those weeks have passed by there has been many changes to our current way of life. These changes will be temporary. Working together we will come thru this. I have been looking over my notes and I wanted to share what the numbers look like. Hallandale Beach did not have many cases back on March 10. We started with 1 or two possible reports of cases that we I heard of only due to EMS calls. One I heard of since I received a call to tell me a dear friend and volunteer was in an induced coma at ICU. It was heart wrenching. It was not until a week later the numbers started to be published by the FL Health Department . I was asked during our telephone townhall how many cases were in our city. In three weeks, it went from 2, to 8 , 14 and now as of April 2 there are 36. These numbers keep changing. Therefore, we cannot just depend on the numbers they will go up. In addition, there is a lag in reporting test results. Over the past three weeks I looked at the state numbers from early on. On March 18th the Department of Health posted 314 cases statewide. 289 of these individuals are state residents the other 25 are non-state. Please remember we have many snowbirds. This jumped in one day, March 19th to 432 then March 21st 658 . As of Monday, this number was 13324 statewide. Many people have asked where the cases are. We are not given that information. We have asked the Governor’s office to at least tell building addresses or blocks. They have not budged. Currently , it is best to know it is here and treat people like they have it. In my house we have been extremely vigilant since our 90-year-old mother lives with us. The best way to address this virus is toe truly follow the CDC rules and our city’s declaration’s. Broad testing is still not available. If you think you may have it call your doctor first or visit the memorial tele-Med service at . I must say even if you have symptoms and tested positive the treatment is stay at home and isolate unless you cannot breathe and/or our have a high temperature. Call your doctor first. Our EMS and first responders are on duty 24/7 and we thank them for their service. We want and need them to remain healthy so please use common sense. The other big question is, Are the pools, gyms and common areas closed? The simple answer is yes! We are all in this collectively and this virus does not discriminate. It is not worth the risk to you or others to spread the virus. The stay at home order is in place. The city has set up fines if people are not following the orders. You and condos can be fined 500 dollars. Our curfew is on place as well. If you must go out wear a mask . It does not need to be a N95. The mask helps prevent spreading the virus to you face nose and eyes. Stores have set up safe distancing procedures. If you shop wipe off your groceries. The other huge problem is construction. Over the past three weeks there have been many declarations. Once the county passed theirs, we believed we could finally regulate construction sites. We started to work on rules. A few days later the Governors order included language that has been interpreted to mean we cannot close open construction. To me this means new open construction such as the 2000 building not all open permits. We are now in a Catch22. We have asked the Governor’s office for relief. Our city is still operational for building. Our city Manager has already denied a permit for one building that was going to replace their coolers. I couldn’t even imagine the hardship this would have created for those residents living in the condos. We are begging presidents, managers and boards to use common sense. Most have . We are still are having a problem with one building doing extensive structural repairs. I and staff have been working on them to have compassion for the residents that must live there. I typically do not ask for help in this article, but I am now. Please send me an email with your thoughts on this so we can share them with the Governor. As many of us are celebration Easter and Passover this week I want to send my sincere wishes for a blessed holiday! Please follow the rules, social distancing, no crowds and try to celebrate online . Many of our houses of worship are celebrating online and on Facebook. We all need prayer. For those of our residents that are seniors or vulnerable our staff has set up a VIP Call number 954-457-1477. You will hear all the updated information and resources.

There are so many resources available online at our city website

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