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Investigation into Hostile Work Environment and Discrimination by Commissioner London


Bryant Miller Olive
February 19, 2015 NOTICE
Attorneys at Law
SunTrust International Center 1 S.E. 3rd Avenue Suite 2200 Miami, FL 33131 Tel 305.374.7349 Fax 305.374.0895
On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the City Commission voted to hire James C. Crosland and Denise M. Heekin, from the law firm of Bryant Miller Olive P.A., as Special Counsel to represent the City and to conduct a full investigation into allegations made against Commissioner Keith London for potentially establishing a hostile work environment, due to the use of threat and intimidation, and unlawful discrimination on the basis of race and gender.
It is the City's mission to seek the truth. As such, the City has opened this investigation to any employee, former employee, resident, vendor, or stakeholder who feels that he or she may have information relating to the allegations stated above. If you have personal knowledge or information about the allegations listed above and you would like to report your experiences, please contact Mr. James C. Crosland or Ms. Denise M. Heekin at 305-374-7349.
This investigation will be conducted by the Law firm of Bryant Miller Olive, who will act as an independent third party to collect data, interview witnesses, and gather all the necessary facts in this matter. It is important to disdose that no City employee or City department is authorized to work on this investigation, and no City employee or City department will be authorized to share information about the status, content, or participants in this investigation. A violation of this order may lead to disciplinary action.
The allegations that are before the City at this time are serious and the investigation of these allegations will be conducted in a confidential manner until such time that the report is completed and submitted to the entire City Commission for discussion. Records relating to a complaint of discrimination are confidential and exempt from public records pursuant to section 119.0713(1), Florida Statutes, until the investigation is concluded.
We must disdose that it is a violation of state and federal law as well as a violation of City policy to retaliate or otherwise intimidate anyone in association with this investigation. Anyone who feels that they are being retaliated against should contact Mr. James C. Crosland or Ms. Denise M. Heekin at 305-374-7349 immediately to report the circumstance.
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