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CRA Moving Forward


Last month the CRA Board of Directors moved to...

Last month the CRA Board of Directors moved to have Executive Director Jackson removed without cause. This decision was based on a request I made after the Board did not take action on a request to have him removed in November of 2012 for cause. This request was based on multiple breaches in communication between the BOD and multiple issues that arose over the past months on actions that impacted the progress of the CRA.

The action to have Mr. Jackson removed included a recommendation through resolution to appoint Renee Crichton-Miller the City Manager as Acting CRA Executive Director. During the meeting City Manager made a presentation to suggest our CRA reverting back to the original model where the City Manager is appointed as the CRA Executive Director. Our CRA used this model for over 16 years. The majority of CRA’s use this model and many others are looking to move to it.

Within her presentation she evaluated the benefits of streamlining the communication between the City and the CRA. The City Manager has direct authority over the city department that provides services to the CRA. The City Manger also has Economic Development authority which is separate from the CRA. CRA statue provides for addressing slums and blight through a CRA plan. The plan is created through policies set by the Board of Directors. The BOD moved to appoint Rene Crichton Miller as the Executive Director.

Part of her first action was to request the ability to hire a CRA Director that would report directly to her. The position would be shared between the CRA and City as a Deputy City Manager/CRA Director. This position will work directly with the departments providing services to the CRA and report back to her. This will streamline communications and provide one point person the Executive Director/ City Manger accountable for performance.

As the City Manager continues to evaluate our city operations she has been realigning personnel to fit the goals and vision of the City Commission. Over the past years of budget cutting and attrition, many jobs task have been transferred to the remaining staff. In 2007 there were 5 management positions in the City Manager’s office; City Manager, two Assistant City Managers, Grants/Legal Coordinator and Economic Development Coordinator. Currently there is the City Manager, Deputy City Manager and Assistant City Manager. The new Deputy/CRA Director position will help to address the growing demands of the many projects and redevelopment initiative taking place in our community and allow for the position to work towards insuring the CRA goals and projects are met.

On Tuesday the CRA Board of Directors will be holding a visioning workshop to review the long term priorities of the CRA. The main focus will be on what projects are needed to meet the goals within our CRA borders. The CRA has a separate budget that utilizes Tax Increment Funding. The CRA has 14 years left to meet its objectives and utilize TIF. It is a critical time in our CRA and there is a mutual sense of urgency to invest in and most importantly complete projects that will address the concerns of our community. The BOD will also be reviewing our current programs and looking at others to meet our goals.

February 12, 2013 the Hallandale Symphonic Pops Orchestra will be holding the 3rd Concert in this year’s series. The venue is "Sport of Kings Theater" at Gulfstream Park. The time is 7:30 pm. The guest artists for this concert are The University of Miami Frost School of Music Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Tickets are $32.00. This partnership with UM has brought some of the most talented artists to perform right here in Hallandale Beach.

As always please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions and concerns at my office 954-457-1318 or cell/text 954-632-5700 or e-mail me at

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